Slipstream hometown show!!

What a great weekend all the Slipstream Juniors had at the Knoxville TN show!!

Taylor and Cosmo won BJH on Thursday 11/4/10 under judge Ms Karen Riddle!! This was Open Senior Win #13 for the year, Win #3 for Eukanuba 2011, and Win #1 for Westminster 2012!! What a way to start off the weekend at their hometown show! :) Friday-Sun(11/5-11/7) they got 2nd place all 3 days but got amazing compliments from all the judges!! 

Brigid and Birdee won their Open Junior class on 11/6/10 under judge Mrs Deborah Anthony!! This was their first win since they moved up to the Open Junior class making this win #1 for Eukanuba 2011 and Westminster 2012!! :) On 11/7/10 they got 3rd place!

Cortney and Rizer began their weekend on 11/6/10 getting 3rd place but they won their Open Junior class on 11/7/10 under judge Ms. Barbara Wood!! This was their Win #4 for Eukanuba 2011 and Win #1 for Westminster 2012!! 

Congrats to the Slipstream Juniors on a AWESOME weekend!!!!! <3 :)